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  • Divya Mereddy University Of Cincinnati



Food Sysggestion System, Bert, Item Similarity


With advanced AI, every industry is growing at rocket speed, while the smart home industry has not reached the next-generation level. A home can only be called a real smart home, when it is completely smart and understand what the residents want, and provide service in a timely manner. The residents should live in the house as if they are leaving in a motel while the house itself takes care of itself and give extra benefits to residents like providing food suggestions to the residents for everyday meals based on their taste, culture, weather, type of their food diet, their interest to try new recipes etc. Our system is an NLP Bert model-based similarity prediction model. The system ranks the recipes based on the similarity of the words and context. Recipes have similar ingredients and procedures are considered similar recipes. Overall, the system creates the top K number of recipes based n the number of days' history of eating habits and removes products that are similar to the recent m number of days to make sure the suggestions are not quite repetitive ( here m<<<<n).


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